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Police In-Car Video, License Plate Recognition,
MDT's, and Thermal Imaging Cameras

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Pannin Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures In-Car Video Cameras designed for Police Officers. Mobile Digital Video recorders provide Law Enforcement with an additional set of eyes and ears. Pannin develops products with a Police Officer Friendly mindset. One small example is that our In-Car Video Systems have triggers (Ex: Lightbar turned on) that automatically begin the recording process. Law Enforcement officers can keep their focus on the road when using a Pannin Technologies In Car Video Camera System and/or Mobile Data Computer.




Baker Police Department
"Pannin Technologies video transfer is extremely easy to use. It downloads automatically. It's secure, extremely fast and can download 8 hours worth of video in about 30 seconds from 1 block away! It was an easy decision to go with Pannin for the Baker Police Department."

- Chief Mike Knaps, Baker PD
Enforcer II Product Video
Enforcer II Video
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Enforcer II Re-Enforcer HD Camera
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