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Police In-Car Video, License Plate Recognition,
MDT's, and Thermal Imaging Cameras

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Pannin Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures In-Car Video Cameras & DVR Systems designed for Police Officers. Mobile Digital Video recorders provide Law Enforcement with an additional set of eyes and ears. Technology is continually changing and we're commited to staying on the cutting edge. Our products are reliable, useful, and rugged. Our In Car Video System, The Enforcer II, was one of the first DVRs that trigger from sensor input (such as lightbar on, siren on, k9 released) to automatically begin the recording process. This means the officer has more time to focus on the situation at hand without worrying if evidence is being documented. Body Cameras provide a second set of eyes in a unique officer-perspective. Continuing our legacy of innovation, our body cameras also can be automatically triggered, and can be used in place of 'traditional' dash cameras as well! Law Enforcement officers can keep their focus on the road when using Pannin Technologies products. For more information or to get a quote for your department, please call us at 866-994-3911




Baker Police Department
"Pannin Technologies video transfer is extremely easy to use. It downloads automatically. It's secure, extremely fast and can download 8 hours worth of video in about 30 seconds from 1 block away! It was an easy decision to go with Pannin for the Baker Police Department."

- Chief Mike Knaps, Baker PD
Enforcer II Product Video
Enforcer II Video
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Pannin Technologies, LLC

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Enforcer II Re-Enforcer HD Camera
Enforcer II Complies with the Buy America Act - 23 USC Section 313